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Welcome in Langyos international company

Langyos company for import . export and trading was established in 1996 and specialized from its beginning in importing and trading laundry and dry clean machines and their necessary spare parts . The company also offers the special equipments and the spare parts needed by companies and factories. In the photograph you can see the Prime minister dr. /Ahmed Nazeef and Mr. / Antonios Youssef Atalah , the general director of the company , explaining the company products .

In this short period Langyos could gain its customers trust through presenting its distinct goods & competitive prices. It is also distinguished by offering its high quality services after selling through a team of highly qualified Egyptian specialists engineers and Italian experts.

The company is also the only representative for several Italian companies as A.M International Company, Unika for steam irons, Olab for Sonolaits , Mater for Pressures and sonolaits , Wirbel for washing carpets equipments & BG for industrial water washing machines . Besides it is the official distributer for many companies such as Socolmatic company for water washing machines , squeezers , driers , industrial  gandras Sera for Sonolaits , Fiber & Imcsa for water washing machines , squeezers , dryers , industrial    gandras, Sirai for Sonolaits & Suprema  & Rinsatsha for dry clean equipments .

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In the Product list you will find different kinds of necessary products if you want to create a new laundry or update your own one to match the highest world qualifications. You will also find many products necessary for installing the laundries of hotels, factories and hospitals, besides the needed spare parts to repair your machine.

The company also owns a maintenance centre provided by excellent specialists engineers that can reach you in your place. Phone numbers are available in contact us list.